Toronto Karate Kids Results

Nine Team Meibukan athletes ranging from 5 to 13 from Markham’s NOX Dojo competed this weekend at La Liga in Toronto for a local Karate tournament. The competition was tough and all results were a challenge to earn. Here is our medal count.

  1. Michaella Co: Kata – Gold | Kumite – Bronze
  2. Sydney Lublin: Kata – Silver | Kumite – Gold
  3. Joanne Tran: Kata – Gold
  4. Zachary Chin: Kata – Gold | Kumite Bronze
  5. Erica Chin: Kata – Bronze | Kumite Bronze
  6. Ryan Koo: Kata – Gold
  7. Ethan Co: Kata – Gold
  8. Nolan Chong: Kata – Bronze
  9. Chevaughn Chambers: Kata – Silver | Kumite Silver


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