Cash Wash Was a Blast of Fun


Team Meibukan would like to thank the Markham community for supporting our first attempt of our annual car wash. On Sunday, July 24th, 2016, the parent committee of Team Meibukan brought together the community to donate, wash cars, and share stories for the benefit of NOX Dojo’s sport karate team. Spirits were high but cautious since there were worries of low turn out and poor weather.


Setup started early from 8:00 the morning and thanks to Bean Around the World Coffee shop, we got a bolt of energy that lasted the day. BATW coffee kept us going during those busy times. What planned to be an event from 11:00 to 2:00 turned out to become a non-stop buzz of activity from 10:15 to 3:00. The team washed and vacuumed small cars, big cars, fancy cars, and minivans. While customers were watched for their cars go from a duster to a luster, they were busy chowing down on some of our mouth watering BBQ dishes. The brisket sold out real fast. Stock in Trade Butcher on the Danforth provided the sausages for the hot dogs which were outstanding. Lucky for us also that one of our uber moms, Lily, made a fresh batch of jerk pork that day for us and donated it to be sold.

We are blessed that NOX Dojo shares the plaza with Murray (who owns Home Hardware and is Markham authority on BBQ’s) and DaCosta No Frills. We were able to source condiments, burgers, and buns from No Frills and Murray gladly loaned us the BBQ and tent.


The team’s support from the community continued with companies who donated items for our raffle which helped us reach our goal. Special thanks goes to:

  • Michael Barrasso of TD Wealth
  • JCY Swarovski
  • Hairways
  • Dr. Anita Dyson
  • DaCosta’s No Frills
  • Home Hardware
  • Bodira Cafe
  • Stock in Trade Butcher on the Danforth
  • Prince Bomboniere
  • Calabria Bakery
  • Cornell Fitness
  • Bean Around the World Cafe
  • Sporting Life
  • GoodLife Fitness

Winners of our raffle can be found on our Winners’ Page.

carwashadults carwashkids

There is a direct correlation between the level community support and athletes’ hard work that translates to success in amateur sports. It is not just about medals but a valuable forum that strengthens communities. A community that supports amateur sports also supports healthy neighborhoods with strong bonds. The team is grateful for Markham’s confidence.

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