A Winning Start


Team Meibukan began its 2018 season with a big bang. On February 17th, 14 athletes ventured to London, Ontario to partake in the Matsumura Cup among a field of almost 250 contestants from all over southern Ontario. Overcoming nerves, injuries, illnesses, traffic, equipment issues, we put on a superb showing with over 20 medals.


Ranging from under 7 years old to over 50 and wearing belts from white to black, our athletes performed with poise and dignity. The podium placement are as follows:

  1. Ryan Koo – Gold (Kata)
  2. Brenna Lin – Gold (Kata)
  3. Tyler Lin – Gold (Kobudo), Gold (Kata)
  4. Kai Lin – Bronze (Kumite), Bronze (Kata)
  5. Lara Kwaipun – Bronze (Kobudo), Gold (Team Kata)
  6. Daniel Kwaipun – Silver (Kata), Silver (Kumite)
  7. Cassidy Truong – Gold (Kobudo), Gold (Team Kata)
  8. Cadence Truong – Gold Kobudo, Gold (Team Kata)
  9. Erica Chin – Bronze (Kobudo)
  10. Zachary Chin – Gold (Kobudo), Silver (Kata)
  11. Kayla Jackson – Gold (Kobudo), Gold (Kata), Silver (Kumite)
  12. Kaz Yamashita – Silver (Kata)
  13. Koa Yamashita – Silver (Kata)
  14. Stan Yamashita – Silver (Kata)

Of course the team is never complete without the contribution of parents who put aside their time and effort to help ease the logistics of getting meals, marshaling athletes, and sharing their unconditional support.


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