Day 2: Gift card raffle draw… will you survive???

Tonight was our 2nd raffle draw and it was definitely suspenseful for all coaches, parents and kids involved in selecting our 61 participants for elimination.  It was heartbreaking for the kids who selected their own parents… but it isn’t the end.

Here are the lists of participants who are still active and those who didn’t survive today’s raffle draw.

Elimination List – December 12, 2018


Team Meibukan Gift Card Survivor Fundraiser

You can still advance to the next round  which will be tomorrow night…  To buy back your draw simply let or know by 5pm on Thurs. Dec. 13th., then please etransfer $20 to or pay cash to the executive members at Nox Dojo.

Thank you everyone for all your support for our dojo and our competitive team.

Active Pool List – December 12, 2018






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