Cookies for Santa at Nox dojo???

No no no… Sorry santa!!!   It holds happiness for some or disappointment for others…but the game must go on, and so tonight we had the tough but exhilarating job of selecting and eliminating 13 participants.  

Tonight was our 5th Elimination of our Gift card fundraiser!!!  This will be our second last elimination and tomorrow will be our LAST Draw.

Here are the result you have anxiously been waiting for…


Here are the ACTIVE members…yippee!!!


And the eliminated participates are…


If you have been eliminated tonight and it’s your first time being removed from the draw you are welcome to buy back into the raffle, but you must do so by 6:00 p.m. tom. TUESDAY, DEC.,18th.  Please email and e-transfer $20 to or meet us at the dojo tom. at 7pm to pay cash.

Good luck and thanks again for supporting Nox Dojo!!!




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