Cookies for Santa at Nox dojo???

No no no… Sorry santa!!!   It holds happiness for some or disappointment for others…but the game must go on, and so tonight we had the tough but exhilarating job of selecting and eliminating 13 participants.  

Tonight was our 5th Elimination of our Gift card fundraiser!!!  This will be our second last elimination and tomorrow will be our LAST Draw.

Here are the result you have anxiously been waiting for…


Here are the ACTIVE members…yippee!!!


And the eliminated participates are…


If you have been eliminated tonight and it’s your first time being removed from the draw you are welcome to buy back into the raffle, but you must do so by 6:00 p.m. tom. TUESDAY, DEC.,18th.  Please email and e-transfer $20 to or meet us at the dojo tom. at 7pm to pay cash.

Good luck and thanks again for supporting Nox Dojo!!!




The heat is on @ Nox Dojo…!!!???

Today was our 4th Gift Card Survivor raffle draw!  It is heating up the dojo with many family, friends, students, parents and participants hoping and wishing to survive until the very end.   We are coming down to the wire with only two more draws before we have the top five winners.








Here are the results from today’s raffle draw:

The alive, and kicking  …our SURVIVORS…


The chosen ones but not completed gone… elimination list 


Alright everyone thank you very much for your support, if you have been eliminated and is your first time then you are welcome to buy back your raffle ticket.  Our next raffle draw will be this Monday, Dec. 17 at 7pm.  Come and join in on the fun by selecting from the raffle cookie jar and get your heart pumping at the same time.  This is our second last draw.  To buy back, please email us, meet us at Nox Dojo or e-tranfer

GOOD LUCK everyone!!!

Team Meibukan.



3rd Gift card survivor raffle draw…

I will survive, I will survive…!!!???   It is definitely getting excitement… with buy backs and survivors staying strong right from the start.





Here are the results from Thursday night’s draw…



The ACTIVE …. the SURVIVORS are ….



The selected/eliminated participants were…


You still have the opportunity to BUY BACK your raffle and survive to the end.  Only three more draws to go and you can be the final survivors.  Just do so by tomorrow Sat. Dec. 15th by 12 noon and email us if you would like to stay in the draw by buying back your raffle.  Please e-transfer $20 to or pay cash at Nox Dojo.

Thank you everyone for supporting Nox Dojo. 

Good luck!!!

Day 2: Gift card raffle draw… will you survive???

Tonight was our 2nd raffle draw and it was definitely suspenseful for all coaches, parents and kids involved in selecting our 61 participants for elimination.  It was heartbreaking for the kids who selected their own parents… but it isn’t the end.

Here are the lists of participants who are still active and those who didn’t survive today’s raffle draw.

Elimination List – December 12, 2018


Team Meibukan Gift Card Survivor Fundraiser

You can still advance to the next round  which will be tomorrow night…  To buy back your draw simply let or know by 5pm on Thurs. Dec. 13th., then please etransfer $20 to or pay cash to the executive members at Nox Dojo.

Thank you everyone for all your support for our dojo and our competitive team.

Active Pool List – December 12, 2018