BudoCon Lunch Order

Relax and take it easy. No need to hustle to the nearest restaurant, wait in line, or tip your server. Our amateur sport karate team, Team Meibukan, will be ready and waiting to serve delicious lunches from 2 of our favorite local restaurants during BudoCon. Team Meibukan will serve these lunches just outside the gymnasium. All proceeds go towards the travel expense fund of Team Meibukan. Thank you kindly for your generosity.

Saturday Lunch:

Penne with 2 Mega Sized Meatballs served with a bread roll. Piping hot from the Calabria Bakery and Restaurant. Calabria is a family run business and has been a Markham staple for decades. Members of Team Meibukan will gladly serve you from the heart this yummy and hearty.

Sunday Lunch:

Continuing with our Mediterranean lunch theme. On Sunday, you get a serving of hot Greek cuisine that includes Chicken Souvlaki, rice, and potatoes. Fresh from our local Mr. Greek.

Both meals include bottled water. It’s a far better value than the local fast food burger joint.

To help us prepare an serve you better, please pre-order below and pay for it when you register upon your arrival.