AAU National Results

by Sean Wong

The reason why we practice Karate is because it provides us challenges to overcome in an effort to become better people. Competition is one way to challenge ourselves by measuring our efforts against others as well as our own past performances. Competing at the AAU Nationals challenged both myself as a coach and the athletes. I am proud to share that between July 7th and 9th, every member of Team Meibukan made it to the podium at the AAU Nationals in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The 12 athletes ranging from 9 to 49 worked extremely hard to return with 13 medals. The results (in no particular order) are as follows:

  1. Bob Lindblom: Gold in Kata and Bronze in Kumite
  2. Ryan Koo: Silver in Kata
  3. Tiana Shetty: Bronze in Kumite
  4. Jayda Shetty: Bronze in Kumite
  5. Misuzu Tamaki: Silver in Kumite
  6. Rikizo Tamaki: Bronze in Kumite
  7. Shaelynn Dyson: Bronze in Kumite
  8. Shivon Dyson: Silver in Kumite
  9. Chandan Dhiman: Gold in Kumite
  10. Ethan Co: Bronze in Kumite
  11. Nolan Chong: Bronze in Kumite
  12. Michael Barrasso: Bronze in Kumite

IMAG1545With 2 Golds, 3 Silvers, and 8 Bronzes in our baker’s dozen, the medal count was less than last years. We know however that medal count is only one measure of success and also not the most important achievement for this young team. All team members are grateful for the opportunity to work hard and a chance to compete at such a high level. Competing among the nation’s best taught us about ourselves by fully exposing our weaknesses and contesting our strengths to new limits. An extremely valuable life lesson.

This year’s opportunity to compete at the 2016 AAU Nationals allowed athletes Chandan, Shaelynn, and Bob to achieve their personal best. Remarkably, plagued with injuries all year, Tiana pulled of a bronze as proof that one should never give up.  Jayda, Ethan, Michael, and Shivon greatly improved their technique and speed. Newcomers Rikizo, Misuzu, and Nolan earned medals in their first year of high level competition. One of our biggest inspirations was another newcomer, Ryan, who made a brilliant comeback after loosing the first round but winning all other rounds to earn his silver.

Among injuries and conflicting schedules our Canadian dollar exchange rate has been a major obstacle to exposing our athletes to enough key high performance tournaments necessary to prepare them properly for the AAU Nationals. With an Olympic representation in mind, Team Meibukan’s goal is to continually challenge ourselves in dozens of arenas locally and throughout the world. We hope that you will help us and support our annual car wash and bbq on July 24th, 2016 to help raise funds to cover our travel expenses.

Our next event is the AAU Jr. Olympics in Houston, Texas on July 31st.

See you at the car wash!

Toronto Karate Kids Results

Nine Team Meibukan athletes ranging from 5 to 13 from Markham’s NOX Dojo competed this weekend at La Liga in Toronto for a local Karate tournament. The competition was tough and all results were a challenge to earn. Here is our medal count.

  1. Michaella Co: Kata – Gold | Kumite – Bronze
  2. Sydney Lublin: Kata – Silver | Kumite – Gold
  3. Joanne Tran: Kata – Gold
  4. Zachary Chin: Kata – Gold | Kumite Bronze
  5. Erica Chin: Kata – Bronze | Kumite Bronze
  6. Ryan Koo: Kata – Gold
  7. Ethan Co: Kata – Gold
  8. Nolan Chong: Kata – Bronze
  9. Chevaughn Chambers: Kata – Silver | Kumite Silver


Syracuse, New York Results

Our local newspaper, the Economist and Sun, said it all. Thanks to Sensei Marvin Labbate and his crew for a well run and fair event. Looking forward to next year!


From NOX Dojo website:

by Bryan Co and Sean Wong (Edit)

It was another dominant outing for The NOX Elite team of Markham’s NOX Dojo as all 11 participating team members medalled in their respective divisions. The event was the Niagara District AAU Karate Championships which was held on Saturday, April 16th in Syracuse New York. As the only team from Canada, the Elite Team was matched up against 132 other exceptional opponents from all over New York State and New Jersey.

Strong medal finishes came from Bob Lindbolm ( gold kata, gold kumite), Rikizo Tamaki (silver kata, gold kumite), Misuzu Tamaki (bronze kata, gold kumite), Nolan Chong (bronze kata, silver kumite), Ryan Koo (gold kata, bronze kumite), Ryan Williams (gold kata, gold kumite), Ethan Co (gold kata, silver kumite), Jayda Shetty (silver kata, silver kumite), Tiana Shetty (gold kata, gold kumite), and Michael Barrasso (gold kata, gold kumite).

The Elite Team would like to thank Sensei Sean Wong who also competed at the event (gold kata) for his tireless training and efforts to bring his team to the “Elite” level. All team members have qualified to participate at the AAU Karate National Championships which are being held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida this July.