Motoring in Detroit’s Jr. Olympics

A full team of 14 eligible athletes took a road trip to the Detroit suburbs of Novi, Michigan for the AAU Jr. Olympics on August 3rd, 2017. This was the very first JO event that our team went to and we had no idea what to expect. The event was smaller than nationals but the level of competition was quite good. The month between Nationals and JOs, time was spent improving on some sparring and weapons skills This paid off in the long run with close to 2 dozen podium finishes. Thanks to Ethan Co and Zachary Chin who competed and placed in 3 events to help increase our medal count. podium finishes are as follows.

  1. Ethan Co: Gold (Kobudo), Bronze (Kata), Bronze (Kumite) 3 count
  2. Zachary Chin: Gold (Kobudo), Gold (Kata), Bronze (Kumite) 3 count
  3. Tiago Peisz: Bronze (Kumite) 1 count
  4. Shaelynn Dyson: Bronze, (Kata), Silver (Kumite) 2 count
  5. Shivon Dyson: Bronze (Kumite) 1 count
  6. Nolan Chong: Bronze (Kata), Bronze (Kumite) 2 count
  7. Brenna Lin: Gold (Kata), Bronze (Kumite) 2 count
  8. Sydney Lublin: Gold (Kata), Gold (Kumite) 2 count
  9. Michaella Co: Gold (Kata), Gold (Kumite) 2 count
  10. Chandan Dhiman: Kata (Bronze)  1 count
  11. Michael Barrasso: Bronze (Kata), Silver (Kumite) 2 count
  12. Ryan Koo: Silver (Kata), Bronze (Kumite)  2 count
  13. Brandon Dela Cruz: Fourth (Kata), Fourth (Kumite)
  14. Tyler Lin: Fourth (Kobudo)

Total Medal Count: 23

We are please that our year finished of positively/ Next year the focus will be am Olympic style of competition.


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