Car Wash and BBQ Update

Thank you to Bean Around the World Cafe, Tina’s Bakery, Markham Bowl, and Home Hardware helping us out during our annual car wash and BBQ. With all the rain during the start of the summer, we were really concerned about a possible inclement weather report. Mother nature smiled on us however and it turned out to be a beautiful day. The parent committee, extremely busy with their own personal lives, successfully came together and arranged the event within 2 weeks.


The Lin family slow cooked their secret pulled pork recipe to perfection and offered for sale at the BBQ. What a hit! Vegetarian options were also available as well as the juicy hot dogs and burgers. The Co family made their cupcakes which went like gangbusters.

The Markham community came in droves and we were pleased to have all 3 bays filled for most of the time. Mike, the new manager of No Frills came by and bought a coffee and had his car washed also. Overall, the team was humbled by the support of the community.dsc8116.jpg

Our annual car wash marks the close of the competitive season with just a few weeks to rest up before we start training for the 2017/2018 year.  This past year, the team had 6 out of town competitions. New York City, Albany, Syracuse, Detroit, Raleigh, and Montreal. The funds will go towards help the athletes pay for travel and coaching expenses.  As the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo includes Karate, many of the athletes now have Olympic dreams. Next year, Okinawa, Japan is on the list of tournaments to attend as their introduction to worldly competition.

Once again, the team can’t thank everyone enough for helping out with their donations. See you next year.


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