What it Means To Be On a Team

by Tiago Peisz

To be on a team means trusting everyone on the team without a doubt. Even if you have not seen them for a while you never forget the trust you once built. It also means that you never break the trust and friendship no matter how long you were apart or separated. Just like when I was separated from my team for a couple of months. Every time I practiced or even thought about karate, I would remember all the great people and the great times we had together. That is why I went to the competition in Albany, New York [on March 3rd, 2018]. Even though I was practicing privately, I hadn’t practiced at the dojo and with a team in months. I really missed the team aspect of the sport.


Despite the fact that I lost the one match I competed in, it was a great experience. It was very rewarding watching the people on my team win so many medals and do their personal best. I also learned that there was a lot I could improve on. My teammates had clearly been practicing a lot together and it showed. The last time I competed I had practiced just as much and I noticed a difference. So the lesson this experience taught me is that hard work really does pay off and that there is no substitute for a solid team. So in the end I do not consider it a loss at all but rather a valuable learning experience in the company of some good people.


Coach’s Side Note:
At just 11 years old, Tiago has been with NOX Dojo what seems like forever. It was a sad day for all of us when we discovered that he was moving away. As a part of our sport karate team, he truly came into his own in the 2017 season where he made podium in both the AAU Nationals and Jr. Olympics. Mom and Dad are extremely supportive which clearly contributes to his success. When we heard that he truly wanted to make the effort for Albany, the team embraced the opportunity. Sporting gorgeous red hair, he sets the mat on fire when he competes in kumite. Never one to shy away from a challenge, his fearless spirit inspires us. Keep up the great work Tiago and we hope to see you more often.


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