2018 AAU Albany Championship Report

Getting  to Albany in the middle of a snow storm was by itself a challenge. Weathering the blizzard slowed our trek but everyone made the 8 – 10 hour drive from Markham without injury.


This is our 3rd event to Albany and it is starting to see its young athletes grow into superstars. The March 3rd, 2018 event was more streamlined to cater to season or serious athletes. Team Meibukan had more competitors this year with 15 athletes including 3 adults. As this is our first international event of the year, our team was understandably nervous.


This year, our season includes more events that allow us to better prepare for qualifiers like Albany. The strategy paid off and our team returned with a total podium achievement. Results are as follows:

  1. Joanne Tran: Gold (Kata), Silver (Kobudo), Silver (Team Kata)
  2. Lara Kwaipun: Gold (Kata), Gold (Kobudo)
  3. Daniel Kwaipun: Gold (Kata), Silver (Kumite)
  4. Brenna Lin: Bronze (Kumite)
  5. Tyler Lin: Bronze (Kata)
  6. Kai Lin: Gold (Kobudo), Bronze (Kumite)
  7. Cassidy Truong: Gold (Kata), Gold (Kobudo), Silver (Team Kata)
  8. Cadence Truong: Gold (Kata), Gold (Kobudo), Gold (Kumite), Silver (Team Kata)
  9. Kayla Jackson: Gold (Kata), Gold (Kobudo), Gold (Kumite)
  10. Ryan Koo: Silver (Kata), Bronze (Kumite), Bronze (Team Kata)
  11. Koa Yamashita: Bronze (Kata)
  12. Kaz Yamashita: Gold (Kata)
  13. Stan Yamashita: Bronze (Kata)
  14. Erica Chin: Gold (Kata), Gold (Kobudo)
  15. Zachary Chin: Gold (Kata), Gold (Kobudo), Bronze (Team Kata)

We were blessed also with a guest from last year’s team who joined us for fun. Tiago Peisz also returned wearing a bronze.


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